고층아파트단지 외부공간의 영역성 표현 및 개선방안에 관한 연구


A study on the Representation of Territoriality and Improvements for the Outdoor Space in High-rise Apartment Housing

서혜영, 곽윤정, 김영석, 박찬규

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The research inquires about the spacial elements for the representation of territoriality for solving such a problem, design factors for manifestation of a boundary by a case study and looks into the correlation with representation of a boundary by surveying an usage behavior and frequency in use. Besides, this study aims for the finding of inhabitants satisfaction, territoriality, degree of action, boundary of territory, the analysis of un-used spaces and the investigation of improvements by interviewing the residents. So this research is that symbolic territoriality representation method which argued in preceding study investigates how to represent in a case apartment housings. A case study is new apartment housings in Daejeon Noeun 2 district. A dwelling period after they move in is more than 6 months and less than 2 years. This study selected a privately-built apartment building A1,A2,A5,A6,A7,A8 block which are done territoriality representation of the outdoor space. Also High-rise apartment housings case analysis 2 of chapters 4 in depth analyzes A1 and A8 by usage behavior and frequency in use, questionnaire survey method.


 1. 서론
  1.1 연구의 목적
  1.2 연구의 방법 및 대상
 2. 이론적 고찰
  2.1 영역성의 정의
  2.2 영역성의 특성, 기능
  2.3 영역성의 단계
  2.4 영역성의 표현
 3. 고층아파트단지 사례분석1
  3.1 사례단지의 영역성 표현을 위한 공간별 계획요소
  3.2 경계의 표현을 위한 계획요소
  3.3 수직적 경계의 표현
  3.4 수평적 경계의 표현
 4. 고층아파트단지 사례분석2
  4.1 설문조사대상 및 방법
  4.2 외부공간의 이용행태 및 이용자빈도수
  4.3 외부공간 이용에 관한 거주자 설문조사 결과
  4.4 고층아파트단지 외부공간의 영역성 표현과 이용자 빈도수의 상관성 분석
  4.5 고층아파트단지 외부공간의 영역성 표현을 위한 환경계획 개선방안
 5. 결론


  • 서혜영 Seo, Hye-Young. 충남대 대학원 석사과정
  • 곽윤정 Kwak, Youn-Jeong. 충남대 대학원 박사수료, 건축사
  • 김영석 Kim, Young-Suk. 충남대 건축공학과 조교수, 건축사
  • 박찬규 Park, Chan-Kyu. 충남대 건축공학과 교수, 공학박사


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