낙동강 하구 갯벌에 생육하는 세모고랭이(Schoenoplectus triqueter)의 생체량 및 탄소, 질소 함량의 계절 변화


Seasonal biomass and carbon, nitrogen contents change of Schoenoplectus triqueter in Nakdong river estuary

안순모, 이지영, 정신재

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Seasonal biomass and carbon, nitrogen contents change of marsh club-rush (Schoenoplectus trigueter) was investigated in Nakdong river estuary, located near Busan, Korea. New shoot of S. trigueter sprouted from tuber in April and fast growth season was followed until mature in August. Mature lengths of shoot and root were 60 and 9.4 cm, respectively. The increase of biomass showed similar seasonal trends with length. Mature biomass were 3.5 g ind-1 in wet weight and 0.6 g ind-1 in dry weight. The biomass of S. trigueter in areal basis was also highest during July and August (186 g DW m-2). The shoot of S. trigueter was disappeared in October from the ground but the biomass of shoot was maintained as a form of detritus in sediment. The amount of S. trigueter detritus was about 30∼50% of the biomass in August. During winter, the amount of detritus decreased with time but the biomass of root+tuber remained same, implying the root+tuber part is alive. The net productivity of S. trigueter estimated from biomass change were 538 g DW m-2 yr-1 , 240 g-C m-2 yr-1, 8.2 g-N m-2 yr-1 in dry weight, carbon and nitrogen equivalent respectively. During winter, carbon to nitrogen ratio in detritus increased implying the preferred remineralization of nitrogen during microbial degradation.


 1. 서론
 2. 조사방법
  2.1 조사지역 및 현장조사
  2.2 실험실 측정
 3. 결과 및 토론
  3.1 세모고랭이의 생장 특성
  3.2 단위 면적 당 세모고랭이 생체 및 고사체 양 변화
  3.3 탄소와 질소 함량의 계절 변화
 4. 결론


  • 안순모 Soonmo-An. 부산대학교 해양과학과
  • 이지영 Jiyoung Lee. 부산대학교 해양과학과
  • 정신재 Sinjae Jeong. 부산대학교 해양과학과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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