지역사회 돌봄 제공(care giving)에 대한 인식 제고 방안 연구


A study on Raising the acknowledgment ofcare giving in Communities


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Most people like the idea of giving and receiving care within a community. But, the gendered organization of care giving not only subordinates women, it also subordinates and devalues caring. Here would be suggested what are the benefits of care and the limits of care giving in communities, gendered division of care work, and the future of care giving. In concluding, care giving in communities could review the major arguments about the social institutions have produced gendered care and gender inequality. Then it would describe four social changes that could expand care giving and gender equality in the future. First, it would have to involve building a widespread consensus on the value of care as well as a collective commitment to better care and gender equity. Second, it would have to aim to develop institutions of social care that support and complement care in families. Third, it would have to reward care giving on the same level as other valued work and other duties of citizenship. Forth, it would have to involve creating gender equality in both opportunities and obligations to care.


 1. 필요성 및 목적
 2. 지역사회 돌봄의 장점과 한계
 3. 돌봄 제공에서의 성역할
  1) 돌봄 제공자
  2) 돌봄 제공과 사회 자원
 4. 돌봄 제공의 미래 전략
  1) 성별 분업화된 돌봄 제공과 성역할 불평등
  2) 성 평등과 돌봄 제공의 확장 방안
 5. 정책적 함의


  • 이상원 Lee, Sang-Won. 한국여성개발원 연구위윈


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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