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한국 구비신화 연구의 동향과 그 전망


The current and prospective issues in Korean-oral-myths-research


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The Korean oral myths, represented by myths on shamans and village protecting gods, are alive and transforming as the peoples who transmit them relate in their lives.The oral myths, unlike the myths on national founders that are fixed in text reflect the social and cultural conditions of the people who transmit them, thus demonstrate their transformational phases.
The literature survey on oral myths which started from 1920s laid a foundation for the research in oral myths and developed in relation to the oral literature research.It has now accumulated a considerable amount of research results. The focused studies on oral myths were carried out after 1960s by some scholars of Korean literature who recognized the relationship between the oral myth literature and recorded literature.The studies done in this area can be categorized as following;
1) classification, 2) the origin and history,3)literature: type, structure, literature history, 4) context of myth transmission, function of myth 5) comparative study, 6)feministic research
The literature survey on oral-myth-study shows that the following efforts need to be carried out; 1)seek for more creative way to search, conserve and utilize materials, 2)reevaluate the concepts and categories of myths and provide the foundation for discussion on myth research, 3)eliminate the research bias, change the direction of research, 4)find out the mechanism of myth formation.
It is noted that the above mentioned issues are being discussed and addressed by Korean scholars and the development of original theories which can serve as foundation for the study on mythology of Eastern Asia is foreseeable.


I. 논의의 필요성
 II. 구비신화 자료의 조사와 정리
 III. 구비신화의 연구동향 검토
  1. 분류 연구
  2. 형성 및 역사적 연구
  3. 문학적 연구 : 유형, 구조, 의미, 문학사적 연구
  4. 전승 및 전승맥락, 신화적 기능 연구
  5. 비교연구
  6. 여성적 관점 연구
 IV. 구비신화 연구의 과제와 전망
  1. 자료의 조사, 보존 및 창조적 활용방안 모색
  2. 신화의 개념 및 범주에 대한 재검토
  3. 연구의 편향성 극복
  4. 신화연구의 방향전환과 현장연구의 중요성
  5. 비교연구의 향방
  6. 신화생성의 기제 규명


  • 姜秦玉 강진옥. 이화여자대학교 국어국문학과, 교수, 한국고전문학 전공


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