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Construction and Operational Experiences of Engineered Barrier Test Facility for Near Surface Disposal of LILW


중.저준위 방사성폐기물의 천층처분을 위한 인공방벽 실증시험시설의 건설 및 운전 경험

Jin-Beak Park, Se-Moon Park, Chang-Lak Kim

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To validate the previous conceptual design of cover system, construction of the engineered barrier test facility is completed and the performance tests of the disposal cover system are conducted. The disposal test facility is composed of the multi-purpose working space, the six test cells and the disposal information space for the PR center. The dedicated detection system measures the water content, the temperature, the matric potential of each cover layer and the accumulated water volume of lateral drainage. Short-term experiments on the disposal cover layer using the artificial rainfall system are implemented. The sand drainage layer shows the satisfactory performance as intended in the design stage. The artificial rainfall does not affect the temperature of cover layers. It is investigated that high water infiltration of the artificial rainfall changes the matric potential in each cover layer. This facility is expected to increase the public information about the national radioactive waste disposal program and the effort for the safety of the planned disposal facility.


 I. Introduction
 II. Conceptual Design of New Surface Disposal Facility
 III. Construction Experiences of the Near Surface Disposal Test facility
  1. Disposal Test Facility
  2. Detection System
 IV. Operational Experiences of the Near Surface Disposal Test Facility
  1. Disposal Test Facility
  2. Short-term Artificial Rainfall Test
  3. PR Center for Near Surface Disposal
 V. Conclusions
 VI. Acknowledgements
 VII. References


  • Jin-Beak Park 박진백. 한국수력원자력(주) 원자력환경기술원
  • Se-Moon Park 박세문. 한국수력원자력(주) 원자력환경기술원
  • Chang-Lak Kim 김창락. 한국수력원자력(주) 원자력환경기술원


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