뇌졸중 후 우울증에 관한 운동치료의 효과 : 문헌고찰


Effects of Exercise Therapy on Depression after Stroke : A Literature Review

김윤수, 오덕원, 박현주

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After a stroke, patients may experience various physical symptoms, cognitive impairments, and functional problems, which can lead to emotional distress including depression and anxiety, which can negatively impact rehabilitation outcome. Stroke patients with depression often tend to avoid engaging in outdoor activities, posing a challenge to their community reintegration and participation and resulting in a decreased quality of life. Consequently, clinicians have employed specific assessment tools to evaluate emotional problems following stroke in clinical practice. This highlights the need to develop appropriate treatment strategies to address depressive symptoms after stroke. Numerous studies have investigated the effects of therapeutic interventions on depression in stroke rehabilitation, with the general consensus pointing to the positive effects of exercise therapy in managing post-stroke depression. Current evidence supports the use of exercise and physical activity as a targeted approach in addressing emotional problems after stroke and facilitate functional recovery. However, despite its benefits for depression, detailed protocols and guidelines regarding the intensity, duration, and frequency of exercise therapy have not been clearly established yet. This hinders the development of more effective interventions to alleviate depression in patients with post-stroke hemiparesis. Therefore, this study aims to describe the effects of exercise therapy on depression after stroke and provide comprehensive information based on a literature review. This study findings of will contribute useful information to future researches focused on evaluating and treating depressive symptoms after stroke.


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Ⅱ. 연구방법
1. 우울증의 정의 및 임상 양상
2. 뇌졸중 후 우울증의 위험요인
3. 우울증 평가도구 고찰
4. 뇌졸중 후 우울증의 원인
5. 우울증에 관한 운동치료의 효과 기전
6. 뇌졸중 후 우울증에 관한 운동치료 관련문헌의 결과 요약
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  • 김윤수 Yun-soo Kim. 청춘병원 근골격계 재활센터
  • 오덕원 Duck-won Oh. 청주대학교 보건의료과학대학 물리치료학과
  • 박현주 Hyun-ju Park. 닥터아라 필라테스랩


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