Human-Machine Interaction Technology (HIT)

Density Change Adaptive Congestive Scene Recognition Network



In recent times, an absence of effective crowd management has led to numerous stampede incidents in crowded places. A crucial component for enhancing on-site crowd management effectiveness is the utilization of crowd counting technology. Current approaches to analyzing congested scenes have evolved beyond simple crowd counting, which outputs the number of people in the targeted image to a density map. This development aligns with the demands of real-life applications, as the same number of people can exhibit vastly different crowd distributions. Therefore, solely counting the number of crowds is no longer sufficient. CSRNet stands out as one representative method within this advanced category of approaches. In this paper, we propose a crowd counting network which is adaptive to the change in the density of people in the scene, addressing the performance degradation issue observed in the existing CSRNet(Congested Scene Recognition Network) when there are changes in density. To overcome the weakness of the CSRNet, we introduce a system that takes input from the image's information and adjusts the output of CSRNet based on the features extracted from the image. This aims to improve the algorithm's adaptability to changes in density, supplementing the shortcomings identified in the original CSRNet.


1. Introduction
2. Congestive Scene Recognition Network(CSRNet)
3. Proposed Method
4. Experimental Results


  • Jun-Hee Kim Bachelor Degree Candidate, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Dongseo University, Korea
  • Dae-Seok Lee Team Manager, Buil Planning Co., Korea
  • Suk-Ho Lee Professor, Dept. Artificial Intelligence Appliance, Dongseo University, Korea


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