Convergence of Internet, Broadcasting and Communication

A study on CFRP based lightweight House deck structure design and configuration of Deck body connected IoT sensor data acquisition devices



In this paper, we designed a IoT(Internet of Things) sensor block embedded lightweight house deck structures that can be implemented using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer(CFRP). Deck-Sensor interconnection interface block via IoT connectivity Hub that can mount external environmental sensors such as fire sensors on the Deck body itself was also proposed. Additionally we described the configuration of devices for data acquisition and analysis based on IoT environmental detection sensors that can be commonly installed and used on these deck bodies. On the other hand, received sensing data based monitoring user interface(UI) also developed and used for sensing data analysis for remote monitoring center. Through the implementation of such IoT-based sensor data transmission and collection analysis devices and UI software, this paper confirmed the availability of CFRP based lightweight House deck structure and possibility of CFRP deck-based IoT sensor data networking and analysis functions.


1. Introduction
2. CFRP material based Lightweight houses Deck structures designs
3. Sensor data monitoring device Configuration
4. Test result and analysis of sensing data processing block & monitoring UI


  • Jaesang Cha Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Eng., Chiba University, Japan
  • Chang-JunAhn Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Eng., Chiba University, Japan
  • Quoc Cuong Nguyen Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Dong Nai Technology University, Bien Hoa City, Vietnam
  • Yunsik Lim Professor, Dept. of Electrical Eng., Yeoju Institute of Technology
  • Hyejeong Cho Professor, Department of AI SW Convergence, Korea Polytechnics, Korea
  • Seung Youn Yang CTO, Fivetek CO.,LTD
  • Juphil Cho Professor, Dept. of IT and Comm. Convergence Eng., Kunsan National University, Korea


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