글로벌 무역환경변화에 따른 중소기업 온라인 수출 지원제도의 효율화 방안


A Study on Efficiency of Online Export Support System for SMEs in the Changing Global Trade Environment

박준, 김철호

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As digital technology advances and online transactions become more widespread, online exports are becoming increasingly important. Online exports can be a great way for small businesses to reach overseas markets. Therefore, to promote online exports of SMEs, the Online Export Support Plan is as follows: First, it is necessary to establish an online export ecosystem so that SMEs can obtain the human resources and the financing. Second, it should support training programs for SMEs to build online export capabilities. Third, it is necessary to build the infrastructure SMEs need to facilitate online exports and address their pain points. Fourth, it is to recognize that each country’s export certification system can act as a barrier to exporting. Therefore, there is a need for a comprehensive support service for export certification for SMEs. Finally, it is necessary to establish online import and export transaction practices and to prepare laws and regulations that can systematically support online export SMEs.


Ⅰ. 서론
Ⅱ. 글로벌 무역환경의 변화와 온라인 수출입 동향
Ⅲ. 중소기업 온라인 수출지원제도와 과제
Ⅳ. 중소기업 온라인 수출 지원제도 효율화 방안
Ⅴ. 결론


  • 박준 Joon Park. 경상국립대학교 글로벌무역통상학과 박사과정 수료
  • 김철호 Cheol-Ho Kim. 경상국립대학교 국제통상학부 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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