댕구알버섯 국내 수집종의 형태적 · 생태적 특성 및 영양성분


Morphological and ecological characteristics and chemical composition of domestically collected species of Lanopila nipponica Kawam

김길자, 김다미, 안호섭, 지수현, 김동관

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This study was conducted to obtain basic data on domestic wild Lanopila nipponica K specimens collected in Jeollanam-do from 2015 to 2017 to investigate the characteristics of fruit bodies and analyze their nutritional components. L. nipponica K. was mainly found near hills, such as in persimmon fields around hills, on mountain trails, and in bamboo fields. L. nipponica K. occurred from July to mid-October, especially after the rainy season or a typhoon, when the air humidity was increased. Rainfall occurred for 8–15 days during the 20 days before the collection date, and the average temperature was ≥ 23oC. The size of the fruit body was 12.3–28 cm, and the weight varied depending on the size; however, the fruit body was estimated to grow overnight, reaching the size observed at its discovery. As aging progressed, the surface of the fruit body cracked, and it turned dark after 6 days. Spores were lump-shaped when the surface was cut with a knife. When the soil on the surface of the site where the fruit body was located was scratched, a white thread-shaped mycelium expanded. At the time of collection, the flesh of the fruit body was white, but it turned brown and fluffy as maturity progressed. On the sixth day after the mushroom was generated, it produced a pungent odor and became friable, resembling a black cotton ball. The surface of the fruit body was white and had a circular or elliptical shape. Crude protein content tended to be high at 59% of the dry weight. The antioxidant activity, determined using the DPPH radical scavenging analysis method, was 167 vitamin C equivalents/100 g. The spores were brown, approximately 6 μm in size, with protrusions on their surface.


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  • 김길자 Kil-Ja Kim. 전라남도농업기술원 식량작물연구소
  • 김다미 Dami Kim. 전라남도농업기술원 식량작물연구소
  • 안호섭 Ho-Sub An. 전라남도농업기술원 원예연구소
  • 지수현 Soo-Hyun Ji. 전라남도농업기술원 친환경농업연구소
  • 김동관 Dong-Kwan Kim. 전라남도농업기술원 식량작물연구소


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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