Design Guidelines of Convergent Education Environment Based on Design Thinking through STEAM Theory




I proposed the architectural guideline for educational environment based on design thinking approach to integrate and enhance learners' activities and achievements. The physical environment of design education learning space should be applied by teaching methods and learning activities, especially for STEAM-based convergent education, the architectural space conditions should support the design process based on design thinking. The learning environment conditions influence design education with physical design factors and learners' communication, and the flexible environment based on design thinking, which is crucial for design education. The 3 steps of design thinking experiences also allow students to learn the context of ideas, skills and outcomes. Therefore, I argued that the learning surrounding based on design thinking needs flexible and mobile, connected, integrated, organized, and team-focused environments to support learners' understanding, participation, and collaboration, and to achieve the design process based on research findings. For spaces for convergent learning environments based on design thinking, common design principles should be reviewed, such as coexistence with technology, safety and security, transparency and spatial extension, multi-purpose space and outdoor learning.


1. Introduction
1.1 Research Background and Purpose
1.2 Scope of Study
1.3 Research Method
2. Theoretical Experiments
2.1 The Integrated Value of Design Education
2.2 Design Thinking and Visual Perception Education
2.3 Design Principles for STEAM based Convergent Learning
3. Results
3.1 The Architectural Requirements for Learning Environments
3.2 Design Principles for Convergent Learning Environments
3.3 Design Guidelines and Features for Convergent Learning Environments
4. Discussion
5. Conclusion


  • Kim, Sunyoung Prof., Dept. of Convergence Design, Incheon Catholic Univ., Korea


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