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Analysis of Surface Roughness Characteristics of Cut Surfaces According to Plasma Conditions

이충우, 김인주, 김지선

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Carbon steel pipes, which are essentially used in the manufacturing industry, are used in various fields due to the advancement of the industry, and a cutting process is essentially applied to pipes manufactured in a nominal size. The cutting process is the most basic and first process used to obtain a material in a desired shape, and it can affect the quality of subsequent processes such as welding or painting, so high-quality cutting surfaces are essential. Therefore, due to the advantage of improving productivity, it is essential to study to secure the appropriate quality of the cutting surface of the plasma cutting process, which is widely used in the industrial field. In this study, the effect of cut surface quality according to process parameters in the plasma cutting process for carbon steel pipe materials was analyzed. The surface roughness was measured to determine the quality of the cut surface, and the relationship between the surface roughness and the process variables was confirmed by selecting the arc current and cutting speed, which are identified as the main factors forming the surface roughness, as process variables.


1. 서론
2. 실험 방법 및 계획
2.1 실험방법
2.2 실험 계획
3. 시험결과
4. 결과분석
4.1 아크전류에 따른 영향
4.2 절단속도에 따른 영향
4.3 공정변수에 따른 영향
5. 결론


  • 이충우 Chung-Woo Lee . Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
  • 김인주 In-Ju Kim. Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
  • 김지선 Ji-Sun Kim . Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Senior Researcher


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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