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A Study on the Influence of Physical Therapists’ Professionalism on Job Satisfaction

박혜연, 이지현, 심재훈

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The purpose of this study is to gain an understanding about how job satisfaction affects actual performance of physical therapists. Current year of 2022, 273 participants working as physical therapists were surveyed from September 8 to September 15, 2022. The questionnaire consisted of 69 questions, divided into 4 main parts; general characteristics; professionalism; satisfaction; turnover intention and stressor. Collected data were analyzed using three different methods (1) independent t-test, (2) one-way ANOVA, (3) multiple linear regression analysis. 100% of the participants are fully aware that expert professionalism is necessary in this field of physiotherapy. Therefore, individuals are striving to provide high-quality treatments by increasing their professional capabilities. The results have shown that they are investing 6 to 9 years (34.1%) of time mainly into attending related institutions and academies (50%). Though they are satisfied with their own choice of profession, inferior working systems, lack of social awareness, concerning wage, promotions, etc. hindered their level of satisfaction. As a result, the circumstances have led to job stress and turnover. If improvements such as adjustment of wages, and promotion matching with levels of professionalism, acceptable measures are systematically added as a part of the job, it is plausible that physical therapists can provide high-quality medical services as professionals with stability.


Ⅰ. 서론
Ⅱ. 연구방법
1. 연구 설계
2. 연구 대상 및 자료 수집
3. 측정도구
4. 자료 분석
Ⅲ. 결과
1. 일반적인 특성
2. 일반적인 특성에 따른 직업 전문성
3. 일반적 특성에 따른 직무 만족도
4. 직업 전문성이 직업 만족도에 미치는 영향
Ⅳ. 고찰
V. 결론


  • 박혜연 Hye-Yeon Park. 로드피지오 필라테스
  • 이지현 Ji-Hyun Lee. 백석대학교 보건복지대학원 물리치료학과
  • 심재훈 Jae-Hun Shim. 백석대학교 보건복지대학원 물리치료학과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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