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The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Community Development in Ghana


Kevin Allotey

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Each of the three sectors of society, the government, private individuals, and civil society (NGOs), clearly has a significant role to play in nation-building and, in particular, in development efforts to improve residents' quality of life. The role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on community development in Ghana is investigated in this study using secondary data. In Ghana, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) work to promote sustainable community development by focusing on environmental issues, development goals, health, and education. Data from many publications, academic research papers, the internet, and prior research throughout the world, as well as Ghanaian governmental frameworks, back up this argument. NGOs' activities are recognized as an alternative for comprehensive development and an essential catalyst to address the socioeconomic circumstances of the disadvantaged under Ghana's sustainable development strategy. They do this via programs, functions, and positions that empower communities and eventually lead to sustainable development. Unfortunately, the operations of NGOs in Ghana, as well as their effectiveness, have been hampered by financial issues, inadequate institutional capacity, low levels of self-sustainability, and a lack of inter-organizational communication and/or coordination.


Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Theoretical Background
2.1. Poverty
2.2. Community Development
2.3. Non-Governmental Organizations
2.4. NGO and Governance
2.5. NGO and International Community
2.6. Current Situation in Ghana
2.7. Trends of Precede Studies
Ⅲ. Research Method
3.1. Research Approach and Scope of the Research
3.2. Research Questions
Ⅳ. Analysis of NGOs in Ghana
4.1. NGOs in Ghana
4.2. Analysis of Results
Ⅴ. Summary and Conclusion
5.1. Summary
5.2. Recommendations
5.3. Study Limitations
5.4. Conclusion


  • Kevin Allotey PhD Student, School of Business, Yeungnam University


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