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Narrative Inquiry on the Recovery Life of a Male with Drug Addiction

강선경, 최미경, 이소영

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This study selected a male who maintaining and staying his life as sober during the last 20 years after recovered from drug addicts, and used narrative inquiry method suggested by Clandinin and Connelly(2000) in order to explore the life-time events and recovery experiences. Especially this method pursued three dimensional narrative inquiry spaces such as internal orientation, external orientation, and from the past to the future. The composed story of the study participant was the first, ‘a blight childhood', the second, ‘the bosom of the family, but revolving door of the mental hospital', the third, ‘reflection of the empty shell life', the last, ‘arms around each other's shoulders in the society' The drug was a substitute for the study participant as escape from domestic violence and as calming down uneasiness, reaching to a homelessness, but eventually finding self-identity and free from drug addicts through spiritual awakening. Based on the study findings, implications and directions for drug addicts’successful rehabilitation were suggested such as family education, follow-up care, rehabilitation training, and building of self-identity through a success case.


1. 서론
2. 문헌고찰
3. 내러티브 탐구방법과 절차
1) 현장으로 들어가기
2) 현장에서 현장텍스트 이동하기
3) 현장텍스트에서 연구텍스트 이동하기
4) 연구텍스트 구성하기
5) 연구참여자 선정
4. 연구결과
1) 첫 번째 만남: 어린 시절의 어두운 그림자
2) 두 번째 만남: 가족의 품으로, 그러나 정신병원 반복
3) 세 번째 만남: 전환, 껍데기로 살아온 삶에 대한 성찰
5. 결론 및 논의


  • 강선경 서강대학교
  • 최미경 한국다르크협회
  • 이소영 생명문화연구소


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