스마트기술을 활용한 도시재생사업 운영⋅관리 실태 분석


Analysis of Operation and Management System of Urban Regeneration Project Using Smart Technology

한연오, 윤병훈, 정연우, 이삼수

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As the 4th industrial revolution technology leads changes in the social environment, smart city is highlighted as an important issue in the city, and related policies have been focused on as a growth engine for national innovation.‘Smart city-type urban regeneration project’ and ‘living-friendly urban regeneration smart technology support project’ are being promoted as projects that utilize smart technology to solve local problems in connection with existing urban regeneration projects. However, various difficulties have arisen in the course of the project, and several issues regarding sustainability have been raised after the completion of the project.Therefore, this study reviewed the current status of related projects and conducted in-depth interviews with the project managers in the target site on the aspects of operation, maintenance, and management.Through this, it was suggested that ‘the establishment of a standardized integrated system system and the establishment of a department in charge of related tasks’ is necessary.It is expected that the local environment improvement project using smart technology will change into more diverse forms in the future, and a structural system should be prepared to support it in response to specific business objectives.


Ⅰ. 서론
1. 연구의 배경 및 목적
2. 연구의 내용 및 방법
Ⅱ. 선행연구 및 관련 정책 검토
1. 선행연구 검토
2. 스마트기술 연계 도시재생 정책 현황
Ⅲ. 스마트기술 연계 도시재생사업 현황 분석
1. 분석의 틀
2. 심층인터뷰 조사 개요
3. 심층인터뷰 결과 분석
Ⅳ. 연구 요약 및 시사점


  • 한연오 Han, Yeon-Oh. 한국토지주택공사 토지주택연구원 선임연구원
  • 윤병훈 Yun, Byung-Hun. 한국토지주택공사 토지주택연구원 책임연구원
  • 정연우 Jeong, Yeun-Woo. 한국토지주택공사 토지주택연구원 수석연구원
  • 이삼수 Lee, Sam-Su. 한국토지주택공사 토지주택연구원 연구위원


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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