Controlling Robot Arms with Kinect Sensor


R. Gurfidan, K. Tasdelen

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The necessity of automation gradually increases by increasing industrialization at the present. Needed workforce is supplied on occasion of being short of manpower or threatening man’s health. It brings about a rapid improvement in the robotics world. All the used robot technologies in automatic systems performed by this time, fulfil the given commands as they are prearranged, or they can be momentarily controlled by the help of remote controls that are designed for the control of the system. In this thesis study, it is purposed that designed robot arms can be commanded simultaneously and one-to one with articulation motions of man’s arms by using Kinect technology. In this performed study, prearranged robot’s arms can be momentarily controlled by Kinect sensor. Motions of arm sensed by Kinect are transformed into mathematical data in software which is fixed for Kinect and then the process of leading servo motor, composed robot’s articulations, is achieved by sending the data to software fixed for Arduino. The ability to control Kinect as a software is supplied with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and programming of Arduino is supplied with C++ program language.


1. Introduction
2. Related Works
3. Material and Method
3.1. Robot Arm Mechanical Parts
3.2. Kinect Interface Software
3.3. System Operation
4. Discussion and Conclusions
5. Acknowledgements
6. References


  • R. Gurfidan Isparta University of Applied Science, Yalvac Technical Sciences Vocational School, Turkey
  • K. Tasdelen Isparta University of Applied Science, Faculty of Technology, Turkey


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