일부 치위생과 신입생의 학과 선택 동기와 학과 SNS 이용 만족도에 관한 연구


A Study on the Motivation to Choose a Major and Satisfaction with Social Media Usage in Dental Hygiene Freshman

장성연, 오현경

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Background: Due to the declining number of students preparing for university entrance exams , the quota of universities has been decreasing continuously. This situation became increasingly diverse as new media used online, mobile, and PR tools to continuously invite students. This study is aimed at offering the helpful data to plan an effective PR strategy by analyzing the correlation between the major selection and satisfaction of the department’s social media usage among freshmen majoring in dental hygiene. Methods: The collected data from the self-reported survey with freshmen were analyzed using the SPSS 22.0 program. The survey items were motive to select the major, social media platform that subjects used, reasons to use the media, time to visit the department’s social media platform, and satisfaction level on the department’s social media platform, using a 5-point Likert Scale. Results: The reasons for choosing a major were given by 32.2% and 15.9% respondents, respectively, as the vision after graduation and practice facilities. 39.9% and 31.4% used Instagram and YouTube for social media platforms, respectively, for using social media platform; 26.9% and 26.3% visited the department’s social media before and after entering the university, respectively; 46.4% and 24.9% used Instagram and YouTube for department social media; and they generally satisfied with the contents of the department’s social media. 40.9% of them said that information from the department’s social media was useful. 33.8% of them said the information from the department’s social media exceeded their expectations. 46.8% of them answered that the department’s social media made the department’s image positive. 33.4% got interested in the major more due to the department’s social media. According to 32.1% of respondents, the department’s social media was helpful in deciding on a major. With 35.4%, a positive correlation was discovered between the department’s practice facilities and satisfaction on the department’s social media. Conclusion: It is thought that the department’s social media should try continuously by uploading the contents to meet the users’needs on a regular basis and seeking the plans to be able to collect various opinions using surveys through the related social media so that students can select the major and, moreover, lead the positive direction to adapt the university life under the unfamiliar environment after admission.


1. 서론
2. 연구대상 및 방법
2.1. 연구대상
2.2. 연구방법
2.3. 통계분석
3. 연구결과
3.1. 연구대상자의 일반적 특성과 학과 선택동기
3.2. 연구대상자의 SNS 사용
3.3. 연구대상자의 학과 SNS 방문 시점
3.4. 연구대상자의 학과 SNS 이용 후 만족도
3.5. 연구대상자의 학과선택 동기와 학과 SNS 이용 만족도 차이
4. 고찰
5. 결론


  • 장성연 Sung-Yeon Jang. 경복대학교 치위생과
  • 오현경 Hyoun-Kyoung Oh. 경복대학교 치위생과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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