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Experimental Study on Operating Characteristics for Cooling Low Temperature Condition of Multi-H/P


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In the present study, the experimental study was conducted using a multi-calorie meter, to investigate the cooling performance and cycle operation changes of the multi-heat pump (3 indoor units) for the low outside temperature in summer. The test temperature condition was the low cooling temperature, and the normal performance and dynamic behavior of 3 rooms, 2 rooms, and 1 room were measured to understand the operating characteristics of seven 7 indoor unit combinations. As a result of the experiment, the cooling capacity and COP of the multi-heat pump at low cooling temperature were about 10% and 6% higher than those of the cooling standard temperature. In addition, the dynamic behavior of the indoor units of 3 and 2 rooms was observed differently due to the load difference according to the indoor unit combinations and the non-uniformity of the refrigerant amount. And, when starting the heat pump, the compressor had a maximum peak value and stabilized by repeating the decrease and increase for each indoor unit combination.


1. 서론
2. 실험장치 및 실험방법
2.1 실험장치
2.2 실험방법
3. 실험결과 및 분석
3.1 실내기 조합별 냉방성능 비교
3.2 저온운전 동적 거동
4. 결론


  • 권영철 Young-Chul Kwon. Member, Department of Mechanical Engineehng, Sunmoon University (Research Institute for Industrial Technology)


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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