노지 온주밀감 성목이식 재배 연년 안정결실 기술 개발


Development of annual stable fruiting technology for cultivation of satsuma mandarin adult tree transplants in the open field

양원석, 강종훈, 오명협, 양철준

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Cultivation technology was studied for stable fruiting of adult tree transplantation cultivation in satsuma mandarin in the open field. A 42-year-old unshiu ‘Miyagawa Wase’ adult tree was transplanted to Gangjeong-dong, Seogwipo-si in 2010 and tested from 2018 to 2020. The contents of the treatment consisted of annual overall bearing, annual partial bearing and biennial bearing. Investigation items included leaf mineral element content, chlorophyll content, agricultural work time, browse development, fruit quality survey, canopy volume, yield, and fruit size. The time required for agricultural work based on 10a was 40.54 hours for annual partial bearing, which was the most demanded. In partial fruiting, flower picking took the most time (25.89 hours). The agricultural work hours were investigated as 18.43 hours for fruiting once every two years and 16.34 hours for overall fruiting. In annual partial bearing, the ratio of sugar content of 12°Bx or more was most common at 70.7%, and the ratio of acid content less than 1.00% was also the most common at 34.5%. In partial fruiting, the yield per tree was the highest at 86.2 kg, and the ratio of small and medium fruit size (2S, S, M) was the highest at 77.1%. It is considered that annual partial bearing is more suitable as a method for stable fruiting every year compared to other treatments. However, it takes more time for agricultural work than other treatments in annual partial bearing. In order to shorten the working time, a strong cut pruning for the unplanted and branch is required.


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  • 양원석 Weon Suk Yang. 제주특별자치도농업기술원
  • 강종훈 Kang J.H.. 제주특별자치도농업기술원
  • 오명협 Oh M.H.. 제주특별자치도농업기술원
  • 양철준 Yang C.J.. 제주특별자치도농업기술원


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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