백령느타리 ‘우람’의 소비확대를 위한 시장 평가와 마케팅 전략


Market evaluation and marketing strategy to expand the consumption of Pleurotus nebrodensis variety ‘Uram’

김연진, 이자영, 최준영, 김정한, 이채영, 이찬중, 임갑준

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Mushroom production in Korea is concentrated on five major mushroom types. To create a new source of income for farmers, it is necessary to establish new mushroom production and marketing systems. This study was conducted to evaluate the marketability of and establish a marketing strategy for Pleurotus nebrodensis variety 'Uram'. The evaluation of distributors showed that it was necessary to cultivate mushrooms of uniform shape and size, to compensate for their low storability, and to sell them in small packages. The consumer evaluation showed that the texture of P. nebrodensis had the highest level of satisfaction for quality, but the levels of satisfaction for size and shape were low. In the consumer evaluation, as in the distributor evaluation, improvements in cultivation were found to be necessary, as the storage time is short due to a high moisture content. An evaluation of the market gave the following results regarding the marketing strategy. It was found to be necessary to consider the production of mushrooms of a uniform shape and size and sell them in small packages in the range of 150 to 300 g. The price of the mushrooms should be set using a high-end strategy for high-end sales. The mushrooms should be introduced to local food and eco-friendly stores in the early stages of production. Subsequently, if farmhouse production increases, shipments should be made to wholesale markets through a regular contract. Finally, considering that P. nebrodensis is an unfamiliar mushroom to consumers, it is necessary to promote it by increasing the accessibility of consumers through tasting events and experience groups.


백령느타리 시장평가 : 유통업계 관계자
백령느타리 시장평가 : 소비자
마케팅 믹스(4P) 전략
연구의 한계 및 후속 연구과제
감사의 글


  • 김연진 Yeon-Jin Kim. 경기도농업기술원 친환경미생물연구소
  • 이자영 Ja-Young Lee. 경기도농업기술원 친환경미생물연구소
  • 최준영 Jun-Yeong Choi. 경기도농업기술원 친환경미생물연구소
  • 김정한 Jeong-Han Kim. 경기도농업기술원 친환경미생물연구소
  • 이채영 Chae-Young Lee. 경기도농업기술원 친환경미생물연구소
  • 이찬중 Chan-Jung Lee. 국립원예특작과학원 버섯과
  • 임갑준 Gab-June Lim. 경기도농업기술원 친환경미생물연구소


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