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A Study of the Feminist Narrative in Cloud Nine


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This thesis aims to analyze Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine from the perspective of narrative intervention. Teresa de Lauretis demonstrated that narrative originates from the Oedipus desire, so it incurs the male-centered power and it also tends to justify the subordination and exclusion of women and reinforce the power relations created by sexual differences. Churchill seeks to expose the artificiality and patriarchal ideology of women’s representation by using the strategy of manipulating time to disturb the narrative. Cloud Nine is set in the Victorian era of a British colony and modern England. Act 1 presents a narrative of Western culture locked in imperialism and patriarchy. As always, the hero must be male, and the female is portrayed as a destination or an object. In act 2, there is a rapid time change of 100 years, but the characters grow only 25 years older. Due to the rapid time change, the traditionally subordinate role of women that remains in modern society can be seen. Because of the inconsistency between the time of the text and the characters, the logical connection with the events in act 1 is blurred, and the characters undergo a rapid change. The warping of chronological time enables the characters to be free from causality and allows them to envision a future that includes all autonomy and possibilities.


I. 서론
II. 본론
1. 제국주의와 식민지로서의 여성 재현
2. 시간 불일치를 통한 성 정체성 해체
III. 결론
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  • 성은주 Sung, Eunjoo. 충남대학교


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