Practical Theology Approaches and Sermons for Hospital Ministry


Hwang, Byung-June, Tuasela, Juliana Agusthina

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Modern society is aging due to medical advances and various reasons, and the number of elderly and the number of nursing hospitals is increasing. The church's ministry of caring and preaching for these people has become essential. Therefore, the understanding of hospital caring sermons has become more important for pastors. The primary purpose of this study is to explore and formulate an effective hospital sermon for the faith community. The formulation of this preaching is built from the elaboration of homiletics with other disciplines, especially pastoral counseling. This study is to explore the hospital sermon as an alternative sermon to counter conventional sermons that tend to focus on healthy church members at Sunday worship. The main reason this topic is studied is that most pastors or God's servants marginalize the hospital community as part of church services. This study uses the theory of "The Hospital Preaching Guidance" proposed by Cajetan N. Ihewulezi. Theoretically, this article is expected to provide a new perspective in homiletic study to prioritize pastoral care and preaching for the hospital-caring community. Practically, the hospital sermon model is expected to contribute to addressing the problems and needs of the hospital caring community to be faithful.


I. Introduction
II. Hospitality Theology and Spirituality
III. The Hospital Sermon as Healing Therapy
1. The Concept of the Hospital Sermon
2. Hospitality, not Hostility
3. Healing Effect of Storytelling
IV. Model of the Hospital Sermon
1. Pastoral Conversations with the Hospital Patients
2. Formulating Meaning of the Pastoral Conversation
3. Making Sermon
V. Conclusion


  • Hwang, Byung-June Hoseo University
  • Tuasela, Juliana Agusthina Hoseo University


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