가상현실을 적용한 로봇보조보행치료가 뇌졸중 환자의 보행기능에 미치는 영향 : 체계적 고찰


The Effect of Robot Assist Gait training with Virtual Reality on Gait Function in Stroke Patients : A Systematic review

유영대, 양회송, 정찬주, 강효정, 김민규

피인용수 : 0(자료제공 : 네이버학술정보)



Background : The purpose of this study is to systematically examine the e ffects on gait function through robot assist gait training(RAGT) with virtual r eality(VR) for patients with stroke. Methods : This study searched the words selected through RISS, PUBMED, SCIENCE ON, KISS and KCI to analyze research trends related to RAGT wit h VR, and adopted a total of eight paters based on inclusion and exclusion cri teria. Results : The paper evaluation was conducted on 10 items of pedro scores. Of the eight papers, six (75%) showed significant differences between the two groups, and two(25%) showed no significant differences between the two group. Conclusion : According to the results, it was found that RAGT training with VR has a positive effect on inproving balance, gait function and commmunity ambulation more than RAGT and conventional rehabilitation therapy.


Ⅰ. 서론
Ⅱ. 연구방법
1. 연구설계
2. 논문선정 방법
3. 분석 방법
Ⅲ. 연구결과
1. 연구대상자의 근거에 대한 질적 수준
2. 연구대상자의 일반적 특성
3. 시각적 피드백을 병행한 로봇보조 보행치료의 연구 특성
Ⅳ. 고찰
Ⅴ. 결론


  • 유영대 Yoo, YoungDae. 청암대학교 물리치료과
  • 양회송 Yang, HoeSong. 청암대학교 물리치료과
  • 정찬주 Jeong, ChanJoo. 청암대학교 물리치료과
  • 강효정 Kang, HyoJung. 청암대학교 물리치료과
  • 김민규 Kim, MinKyu. 청암대학교 물리치료과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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