Culture Information Technology (CIT)

Cloth Product Recognition based on Siamese Network with Body Region Extraction method



Nowadays, people consume a lot of content such as web dramas or K-pop videos through mobile devices such as smartphones, and the market for indirect advertisements through these web dramas or K-pop videos is also increasing every year. In order to lead to the immediate purchase of indirect products in web dramas, a system that allows consumers to purchase immediately at the time the products appear in the drama is needed. In this paper, we propose a system to allow viewers to purchase products worn by celebrities immediately when viewers see and click on them. When a user clicks on a video, it recognizes the product worn by the celebrity, and displays information on the screen on the most similar product corresponding to the recognized product, allowing them to go to the seller's site where they can purchase it. In order for such a system to operate stably, a pose estimation and siamese network-based system is proposed. The proposed system will primarily be released as a streaming service in the form of an app or web page that connects the products in web dramas or other K-pop video contents screened on the mobile with e-commerce. Furthermore, in the future, the technology is expected to be used globally in various industries such as smart mobility and display kiosks.


1. Introduction
2. Overall Diagram of the Proposed System
4. Details of the Body Extraction and Siamese Network based Comparison
5. Experimental Result
6. Conclusion


  • Sutanto Edward Budiman Researcher, Supersell Co. Ltd, Korea
  • Edwin Kurniawan Researcher, Dept. Computer Engineering, Dongseo University, Korea
  • Seung Heon Lee Researcher, Supersell Co. Ltd, Korea
  • Jae Seung Lee Researcher, Supersell Co. Ltd, Korea
  • Suk-Ho Lee Professor, Dept. Computer Engineering, Dongseo University, Korea


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