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기능적 마사지가 엉덩관절 전치환술 환자의 통증, 관절가동범위, 균형능력, 보행속도에 미치는 즉각적인 영향


The Immediate Effect of Functional Massage on Pain, Range of Motion, Balance Ability and Gait Speed in Patients with Total Hip Replacement

박시현, 정의용

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Background: Functional massage is a therapeutic massage that incorporates joint motion in non-end-range to reduce pain and improve range of motion (ROM) in patients. This study was aimed at investigating the immediate effect of functional massage on pain, range of motion, balance ability and, gait speed of patients having undergone total hip replacement. Methods: Twenty patients were treated by one participating orthopedic manual physical therapist and randomly assigned to the control group (n=10) or the experimental group (n=10). To treat patients of each group, functional massage and range of motion exercises were used. The experimental group received a functional massage and the control group received range of motion exercise for minutes for one session. The visual analog scale was used for pain assessment. Balance ability was measured using a timed up and go test and a one-leg standing test for patients. The 10-meter walk test was used for the measurement of gait speed assessment of patients. Results: Significant improvements were observed in terms of balance ability (p<.05), gait speed (p<.05), and ROM (p<.05) after functional massage. There was no significant inter-group difference (p>.05). Conclusion: Application of the functional massage showed that statistically significant improvements in ROM, gait speed, and balance ability after a single treatment session. This technique may be a useful treatment in patients having undergone total hip replacement.


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1. 연구대상자
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2. 두 그룹 간 중재 전, 후의 통증 수준 비교
3. 두 그룹 간 중재 전, 후의 정적 균형능력 비교
4. 두 그룹 간 중재 전, 후의 동적 균형능력 비교
5. 두 그룹 간 중재 전, 후의 보행속도 비교
6. 두 그룹 간 중재 전, 후의 관절가동범위 비교
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  • 박시현 Si-hyun Park. 순천향대학교 부속 천안병원 물리치료실
  • 정의용 Eui-young Jeong. 아산충무병원 재활치료실


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