Bio or medical Information Technology (BIT)

Association Rules of Comorbidities in Dementia by Using Korea National Hospital Discharge In-depth Injury Survey Data



This study aims to find out the associative relationship between dementia and comorbidities. To conduct this study, we used KNHDIS(Korea National Hospital Discharge In-depth Injury Survey) data from 2009 to 2018 provided by the KDCA(Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency) annually. We used MySQL for data preprocessing and R for data analysis. As a result of applying the Apriori algorithm criteria of support(≥ 0.01), confidence(≥ 0.6), and lift(>1), seventeen rules related to dementia were discovered. The diseases associated with dementia were diabetes mellitus, hypertension, disorders of lipoprotein metabolism, glomerular disorders in diabetes mellitus, renal diseases, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, and other urinary system disorders. This study can be utilized as primary data for the care of patients with dementia and provides implications for improving effective dementia prevention policies.


1. Introduction
2. Experiments
2.1 Subjects
2.2 Tools
2.3 Data Preprocessing
2.4 Data Transformation
3. Result
4. Discussion
5. Conclusion


  • Mijung Kim Associate Professor, Department of Health Administration, Bucheon University, Korea


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