스마트홈 제품 구매의도에 영향을 미치는 요인 분석 연구 : 기술적 신뢰를 매개변수로


A Study on Factors Influencing the Intention to Purchase Smart Home Products : Using Technological Trust as a Mediating Variable

조남재, 이혜자, 정은정, 유기섭

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This research is a study on smart homes products, which interest and research are being conducted, because of the recent development of the Internet of Things. Consumer’s Purchase intention was set as a dependent variable, and technological trust was used as a mediating variable. We used Technology Acceptance Model as background theory. Perceived ease of use, Perceived usefulness, Security, and Brand were set as independent variables. The results of this study are as follows. First, it was found that perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and security significantly affected technological trust that consumers feel. Second, technological trust also had a significant effect on purchase intention, and it was found that perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and product security, excluding brands, had an indirect mediating effect on consumers’ purchase intention through technological trust. This study is meaningful in that by conducting user-centered research, and results that are partially contrasted with existing studies are derived from increasing the interest of factors we used.


1. 서론
2. 이론적 배경
2.1 스마트홈의 정의 및 특징
2.2 스마트홈의 선행연구
2.3 기술수용모델(Technology AcceptanceModel: TAM)
2.4 신뢰
3. 연구 방법론
3.1 변수 간 선행연구 및 가설
4. 분석 결과
4.1 동일원천편향(Common Method Bias) 측정
4.2 표본의 특성
4.3 탐색적 요인분석 결과
4.4 변수 간 상관관계와 평균, 표준편차 분석
4.5 확인적 요인분석 결과
4.6 구조방정식 모형적합도 분석 결과
4.7 가설검증 결과 I(H1, H2, H3, H4, H5)
4.8 매개효과 가설검증 결과(H6-1~H6-4)
5. 결론
5.1 연구의 결론
5.2 연구의 의의 및 향후 연구
5.3 연구의 한계


  • 조남재 Namjae Cho. Professor, Hanyang University, Business School
  • 이혜자 HuiZi Li. MS Candidate, Hanyang University, Business School
  • 정은정 Eunjeong Cheong. PhD. Candidate, Hanyang University, Business School
  • 유기섭 Giseob Yu. Adjunct Professor, Business School, Hanyang University


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