A Study on the Problems and Improvement Measures of Global B2C Growth


글로벌 B2C의 성장으로 인한 문제점과 개선방안에 관한 연구

Kiyoung Lee, Haksung Shin, Dongyoon Kim

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Purpose : This study aims to examine the growth status of the global B2C market and the trend of overseas direct purchase through the online joint market, identify damage caused by intellectual property infringement and theft, and damage to consumers who are bona fide third parties. Research design, data, methodology : The paper uses the growth status of the global B2C market through new Internet platform technology and the trend of overseas direct purchase through online joint markets, and considered intellectual property rights in the U.S. and Europe. Results : The new electronic market naturally needs rules suitable for this transaction. Various legal regulations have become necessary for the connection between sellers and consumers across national boundaries, and international research and consensus have been required on how to protect the rights and interests of individual participants working on Internet platforms. Conclusions : This result shows that the e-commerce law was proposed through international organizations such as UNCITRAL, and individual countries are trying to find effective ways to modify and apply traditional business methods, handle goods that require taxation and control, and protect rights of consumers and sellers.


정보통신기술의 발달로 인하여 다양한 플랫폼이 개발되어 이전보다 편리하게 전자상거래 몰 을 구축할 수 있으며 소비자도 온라인을 통하여 물품을 소비하는 비중이 높아지고 있다. 이에 따라 본 연구는 글로벌 B2C 시장의 성장 현황과 온라인 공동시장을 통한 해외직구의 추이를 살펴보고 글로벌 B2C 시장의 성장으로 인한 지식재산권 침해와 도용 등에 따른 피해 문제, 선의의 제3자인 소비자의 피해 등을 파악한 후 이의 해결 방법 및 전자 상거래의 발전 방안에 관한 의견을 제시하고자 한다.


Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Growth status and market trends of the global e-commerce market
Ⅲ. Problems caused by the international growth of the B2C e-commerce market
Ⅳ. Solutions to problems caused by global e-commerce
Ⅴ. Summary and Conclusion


  • Kiyoung Lee 이기영. Lecture, Pusan National University
  • Haksung Shin 신학승. Assistant Professor, DongEui University
  • Dongyoon Kim 김동윤. Lecture, Pusan National University


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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