아동문학 번역 시 기계번역 포스트에디팅 활용 가능성 모색 - Anne of Green Gables 기계번역 결과물 분석을 중심으로


Exploring the Possibility of Using Post-editing in Machine Translation of Children's Literature : Focusing on the analysis of machine translation results of Anne of Green Gables


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The purpose of this study is to examine the possibility of using NMT in the translation of children’s literature and to discuss its implications. To this end, the study compared the human and machine translation results of the children’s literature work Anne of Green Gables to see if using NMT would have high translation productivity and accuracy because children’s literature, especially, had concise sentences and uncomplicated grammatical structure. In the part composed of some short sentences, machine translation was generally effective, but the results showed that there were parts that had to be refined through post-editing in order to further bring out the characteristics of children's literature. The findings fall short of presenting generalized patterns due to small data and limited analysis tools. Future research could look into more works and diversify genres and contribute to establishing more differentiated post-editing guidelines.


1. 서론
2. 이론적 배경 및 선행연구 분석
2.1 문학작품 기계번역
2.2 아동문학 번역의 특징 및 주의점
2.3 포스트에디팅 가이드라인에 관한 연구
3. 연구 방법
3.1 분석 대상
3.2 분석 방법
4. 분석 결과 및 해석
4.1 어휘적 측면
4.2 통사적 측면
5. 결론


  • 배유진 Bae, Yujin. 동국대, 서울


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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