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Research for Change of Mechanical Properties of Cryogenic Adhesive in Liquified Helium Condition

표창민, 김성환, 김재웅

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In modern times, where problems due to environmental pollution are continuously occurring, hydrogen is in the spotlight as the energy of the future. Hydrogen is an eco-friendly energy resource that does not even generate CO2, and is actively supporting research to utilize hydrogen energy at the national level. This study is a study on the cryogenic mechanical properties of the elements constituting the cargo hold during the transportation of liquid hydrogen. Among the various components, the evaluation of mechanical properties of the cryogenic adhesive under liquid helium conditions was confirmed. The related contents are summarized as follows. As a result of performing SSRT by curing the adhesive, it was confirmed that tensile strength and maximum strain were increased at cryogenic temperature (-230°C) compared to room temperature (25°C). It was confirmed that the adhesive-hardened specimen showed a brittle fracture mode at both room temperature and cryogenic temperature during tensile. Improvements in this study, such as pores occurring during adhesive curing, the use of standard specimens, and experiments at -253°C, the boiling point of hydrogen, exist, and are planned to be carried out in subsequent studies.


1. 서론
2. 실험 방법
2.1 실험 시편
2.2 저속 변형 속도 시험(SSRT)
3. 실험 결과 및 고찰
4. 결론


  • 표창민 Chang-Min Pyo. Korea Institue of Industrial Technology
  • 김성환 Sung-Hwan Kim. Korea Institue of Industrial Technology
  • 김재웅 Jae-Woong Kim. Korea Institue of Industrial Technology, Senior Researcher


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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