트레드밀 훈련과 Lee Silverman Voice Treatment(LSVT)-BIG 프로그램이 파킨슨병 환자의 균형 및 보행능력에 미치는 효과 : 단일사례연구


Treadmill Training and Lee Silverman Voice Treatment(LSVT)-BIG program on Balance and Gait Ability in Parkinson's Disease Patients : A Single-subject Experimental Design

조혜성, 오덕원, 박용재

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This study aimed to investigate the effect of treadmill training and Lee Silverman Voice Treatment(LSVT)-BIG program on the balance and gait functions of a patient with Parkinson's disease. A participant was a person who suffered from idiopathic Parkinson's disease. We used a single-subject experimental research design with reversal phases (A-B-A). Experimental session was eight sessions in three phases (a total of 24 sessions): (1) baseline phase (A), (2) intervention phase (B), and (3) withdrawal phase (A'). During all phases, a participant underwent daily routine rehabilitation therapy, including mat exercise, flexibility training, and therapist-guided functional activity. Furthermore, treadmill training and LSVT-BIG was additionally performed for 70 minutes, once per day in the intervention phase, which consisted of warm-up (5 minutes), LSVT-BIG (30 minutes), treadmill training (30 minutes), and cool-down (5 minutes). During the intervention phase, the TUG and 10MWT scores improved by 3.75 seconds (36.89 seconds to 33.14 seconds) and 2.28 seconds (26.07 seconds to 23.79 seconds) in average, respectively. And gains were maintained after the intervention. Furthermore, the BBS and DGI scores improved by 17 points (4 points to 21 points) and 11 points (6 points to 17 points) in average, respectively. These findings suggest that treadmill training and LSVT-BIG may be helpful to enhance balance and walking functions in a person with Parkinson’s disease. Further studies need to support these results.


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  • 조혜성 Hye-seong Jo. 예미담요양병원 물리치료실
  • 오덕원 Duck-won Oh. 청주대학교 보건의료과학대학 물리치료학과
  • 박용재 Yong-jae Park. 청주삼성재활요양병원 물리치료실


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