신선 농산물의 수확 후 포장 및 저장 기술과 관련된 특허 동향 분석


Patent Trend Analysis for Postharvest Packaging and Storage Technology of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Mushrooms

최지원, 김수연, 이정수, 이지현, 임수연, 양해조, 엄향랸

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Patents for postharvest technology of fresh fruits, vegetables and mushrooms fluctuated in their filing number until the 2000s, but then there has been a steady increase in the 2010s, indicating that the technology has high growth potential in the international agricultural market. Using 551 valid patents for fresh fruits and 337 for fresh vegetables of 5 countries, patent trend of postharvest technology was analyzed in this study with two categorized technologies as packaging and storage. In Korea, patents from national research institutes such as the Korea Food Research Institute and Korea (Rural Development Administration) are dominated, and a number of patents for the postharvest storage of fresh vegetables by Mitsui Chemicals, a Japanese chemical company, have been registered. Agrofresh, a multinational company in the USA, holds a number of patents for postharvest storage of fresh fruit not only in its own country, but also in Japan and Europe. Postharvest technology of fresh fruits and vegetables was found to has a number of patents, mainly from national research institutes and multinational corporations, and this suggests that R&D and commercialization of the technologies are actively taking place.


재료 및 방법
1. 신선 과일, 채소 국제특허 범위 및 검색 방법
결과 및 고찰
1. 신선 과일, 채소 유효 특허 동향
2. 주요 출원인 동향
3. 특허 포트폴리오(patent portfolio) 지표 분석
4. 핵심 특허 분석
5. 신선 과일, 채소 및 버섯 특허 비교분석
감사의 글


  • 최지원 Ji Weon Choi. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과
  • 김수연 Su-Yeon Kim. 농업기술실용화재단
  • 이정수 Jung-Soo Lee. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과
  • 이지현 Ji Hyun Lee. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과
  • 임수연 Sooyeon Lim. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과
  • 양해조 Hae Jo Yang. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과
  • 엄향랸 Hyang Lan Eum. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과


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