상용화제 첨가가 화이트 바이오 생분해 플라스틱 필름의 인장강도와 토출 량과 비중에 미치는 영향


Effects on the Tensile Strength and Discharge Volume of the White Biodegradable Plastic film added Compatibilizer

한정구, 박승준, 이범수, 박형우

피인용수 : 0(자료제공 : 네이버학술정보)



Today, plastic waste has become a critical social issue due to the increasing of plastic consumption. Korean annual per capita plastic consumption was 132 kg, the most plastic consuming country in the world. Internationally, Carbon Neutral Agreement is underway due to global warming, consumers' interest and needs for biomass-based plastics has also been increased. In this study, film was produced by adding composite use additives to the biomass-based plastics according to concentration, and the resulting changes in discharge volume, melt index, and tensile strength were investigated. Melt index (MI) was significantly higher in PLA and PBAT than in petroleum-based resin LLDPE and LDPE. Also, among the same resin or in the same treatment group, MI has been increased when the heating temperature is increased. The discharge volume and gravity of the BDP-2 to which 4% compatibilizer was added were found to be higher among all treatments, while the tensile strength of MD and TD was also higher. BDP-2 was suitable to the film producing methods for biodegradable film production.


재료 및 방법
1. 재료
2. 시험방법
결과 및 고찰
1. 용융지수(MI)
2. 복합화 필름의 토출량 및 비중 측정
3. 복합화 생분해 필름의 인장강도 측정


  • 한정구 Jung-gu Han. (주)에이유
  • 박승준 Seung Joon Park. 한국 산업기술대학
  • 이범수 Li Fanzhu. 연변대학 식품공학과
  • 박형우 Hyung Woo Park. 한국 HMR 협회


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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