재생에너지기업의 수출시장 선택 영향요인 분석


What Drives Firm-level Export Market Selection : Evidence from Renewable Energy Technology Sector


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The study investigates the question of how firms’ external factors affect their selection of export market using survey-based data for 252 renewable energy technology firms in Korea. Considering the situation and reality where each country, including Korea, employs policy mix to promote renewable energy technology industry, firms are actual beneficiaries and core economic entities of export, and renewable energy technology market is growing, we established a binary logistic regression model to test the effects of public policies(renewable energy industrial policy, environmental policy, and export promotion policy), social acceptance, trade association support, market attractiveness, and inter-firm competition on firm-level export. After confirming the reliability and validity of the items to measure each construct, we test the relationships between the variables to be examined. This study shows the Korean renewable energy technology firms’ export is affected mainly by two public policies and industry factor, environmental policy, export promotion policy, and supports of trade association. However, renewable energy industrial policy, social and market factors(social acceptance, market attractiveness, inter-firm competition) do not significantly affect firm-level export. We propose policy implications based on the results of the study, and list the limitations that should be addressed in future research.


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Ⅱ. 외부 영향요인과 재생에너지기업의 수출
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