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Metaphysics of Spinoza and Violence


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This study is concerned on the foundation of violence with the metaphysics of Spinoza. Contemporary societies, relied on Modern Reason, have a lots of the problems occurred by violences. And we accept Western Rationalism without the critic evaluation, free from the traditional values. In this respects, it shows that the reason Spinoza’s philosophy argued related to the problems of violence. And it is tried that provides a ground of the next theme “Human nature and Violence.” For the study of the foundation of violence, there are two ways in the philosophy of Spinoza. One is that the study on the rationality insulted by Spinoza and the study on the settlements of violence with it. The other is the verifying the fundamental elements of violence involved in Spinozistic system. Studying for the latter case, it appears the former step by step. It is clear that the characteristics of Spinoza’s theories of nature and man and relations with the foundation of violence are revealed. That is, to clarify the view of the world and understandings of nature, Spinoza’s metaphysics stands on the forces under the causality of nature. In Spinoza, it appears that human as mode makes relations with others concluding all things like as relations of the power affected by the modern thought. It is to say, in Spinoza, passion, reason, and virtues. According to Spinoza, the problems by the passions are solved by conatus, reason, and the virtue etc. and that is the processing of the power system in human nature. It is true that the metaphysical system of Spinoza accepts the approvement of the modern mechanical powers and the approvement of that system under the modern rationalization. Therefore, in this study, it seems that some metaphysical foundations of the violence is included in human nature forced by modern rationality, through the thought of Spinoza.


Ⅰ. 서론: 폭력의 존재론적 성찰
Ⅱ. 본론: 폭력의 근원을 찾아서
  1. 폭력의 배경으로서의 힘의 인과적 세계와 사물의 본성
  2. 양태로서의 인간―정서의 능동과 수동
Ⅲ. 결론: 이성과 자유


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