위생용품이 체액의 DNA에 미치는 영향


Effect of Hygiene Products on DNA from Body Fluids

이주영, 김지영, 박은영, 한시내, 이혜진, 정상은, 고운나, 임시근

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Many DNA samples are exposed to various environments at crime scenes and mixed with other substances that adversely affect STR profiling. In this study, DNA quantification and STR profiling were performed up to 40 weeks with body wash or hand sanitizer mixed with saliva, blood, and semen at a final concentration of 1%. In addition, serological preliminary tests such as SALIgAE, LMG, and AP and immunological confirmatory tests using RSID kits were conducted to examine the effect of body wash and hand sanitizer on three body fluids. Body wash containing surfactants showed more serious effect on DNA quantity and STR quality than hand sanitizer containing ethanol. Saliva was immediately decomposed after mixing hygiene products, making it impossible to analyze STR, however blood and semen produced full STR profiles after 40 weeks of mixing. As a result, saliva was very vulnerable to hygiene products, but blood and semen were not affected until 40 weeks after mixing. In addition, the discrepancy between serological test and STR profiling in blood and semen samples showed that STR analysis should be performed even if the serological test was negative.


Ⅰ. 서론
Ⅱ. 재료 및 방법
1. 시료채취
2. 위생용품과 체액 시료 혼합
3. 체액 확인 시험
4. DNA 정제 및 정량, STR 프로필 분석
5. 통계처리
Ⅲ. 결과
1. 체액 확인 시험 결과
2. 위생용품별 체액 DNA 정량 결과
3. 위생용품별 체액의 STR 프로필 분석
Ⅳ. 고찰
Ⅴ. 사사
Ⅵ. 참고문헌


  • 이주영 Joo Young Lee. 국방부조사본부 과학수사연구소 유전자과 감정관
  • 김지영 Ji-Young Kim. 국방부조사본부 과학수사연구소 유전자과 감정관
  • 박은영 Eun-Young Park. 국방부조사본부 과학수사연구소 유전자과 감정관
  • 한시내 Si-Nae Han. 국방부조사본부 과학수사연구소 유전자과 감정관
  • 이혜진 Hye-Jin Lee. 국방부조사본부 과학수사연구소 유전자과 감정관
  • 정상은 Sang-Eun Jung. 국방부조사본부 과학수사연구소 유전자과 감정관
  • 고운나 Un Na Koh. 성균관대학교 과학수사학과 석사과정, 교수
  • 임시근 Si-Keun Lim. 성균관대학교 과학수사학과 석사과정, 교수


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