선박용 알루미늄 소재 고효율 텐덤 용접 실험적 연구


Experimental Study of High-Efficiency Tandem Welding of Aluminum Material for Ships

김재웅, 문형순, 김성환

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Due to the strengthening of domestic and international environmental regulations, the replacement of FRP ships with aluminum ships for small ships is continuously in progress. Domestic aluminum ships are being applied to various types of ships, mainly special ships, passenger ships and fishing ships. Gas metal arc welding(GMAW) is used as a welding method when manufacturing ships using aluminum materials for ships with a thickness of 5mm or more. However, it is carried out manually by the workers in the shipyard, and there is a limit to relying on the skills of the workers. In this study, basic research on high-efficiency tandem welding was performed as a basic study for the application of high-quality automatic welding equipment when working on aluminum ships. In this study, welding deformation according to constraint conditions was comparatively analyzed using tandem welding equipment and cross-sections of welds were evaluated for each experiment.


1. 서론
2. 알루미늄 소재 텐덤 용접 실험
3. 용접 실험 결과 분석(용접 변형)
4. 결론
5. 사사


  • 김재웅 Jae-Woong Kim. Korea Institute of Industrial Technolgy
  • 문형순 Hyeong-Soon Moon. Korea Institute of Industrial Technolgy
  • 김성환 Sung-Wwan Kim. Korea Institute of Industrial Technolgy, Researcher


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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