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스사노오의 神格과 記紀神話


The divinity and the Kojiki and Nihonshoki myth of "Susanowo"

스사노오의 신격과 기기신화


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"Susanowo" called the trickster in a Japanese myth is only God which played an active part from heavens to the ground and the underground world. And in the Kojiki and Nihonshoki, I have the ambivalence of good and evil because divinity changes according to the myth world of the ground a heavens top. Most, in the Kojiki and Nihonshoki, it was that emphasis was put on the direction of wrong from the composition which the editor meant, and it was also an aim which emphasizes the absoluteness of the Imperial Household's ancestor God. However, I cannot reach to an extreme of the divinity of "Susanowo" only by it. It is because signs that I also resembled Hudoki and Norito with the Kojiki and Nihonshoki are seen. Then, I thought that there would be character of God to tour like what is called "Marebito" It is because settlement is God which appears as it does not do but turns around here and there.


1. 들어가면서
2. 스사노오 神話의 분석
2.1. 出自와 分治
2.2. 追放(神夜良比、哭伊佐知流)
2.3. 宇氣比(勝佐備)
2.4. 神夜良比 (天之石屋戸)
2.5. 穀物神 殺害(五穀 起源-大氣都比賣神・保食神-)
2.6. 大蛇退治(八俣・八岐之大蛇→草那藝剣)
2.7. 須賀宮 및 子孫 系譜
2.8. 根之堅州国(大穴牟遲神→大國主神)
2.9. 其他-韓国、地名 起源、武塔神、根国-
3. 맺음말


  • 金祥圭 김상규. 釜慶大學校 敎授


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