島崎藤村のキリスト教体験と父親像 -『夜明け前』を中心に-


Shimazaki Toson’s Christian experience and the image of his father in his works - Focused on 『Before Dawn』 -


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In terms of connection with Doson’s previous works, the works dealing with the statue of the father stand out. Ironically, in the study of the father-related part, Doson’s author’s character exerts its full power, making it impossible to deviate from the triangle of ‘Doson, Doson’s real father, Doson’s previous works’. It is difficult to deny that the content to be dealt with in this paper will also be located somewhere near the sides of the triangle. Previous studies have only partially or fragmentarily considered the figure of the father of 󰡔Before Dawn󰡕, that is, the figure of the main character Hanjo. Comparing the life of Masaki Shimazaki, Doson’s real father, with the novel’s content, it does not deviate much from the framework of finding out whether there is a factual relationship, and it is highly dependent on what the author, Doson, is saying about his father. Therefore, in this paper, we are going to examine the overall image of what ultimately refers to in .


1. はじめに
2. 青山半蔵の矛盾
3. 藤村のキリスト教体験とその発現
4. おわりに


  • 崔佳亨 최가형. 三育大学スミス学部大学 助教授


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