방화문의 지속적인 성능확보방안 연구


A Study on Sustainable Performance Securing-method for Domestic Fire Resistance

김정민, 위옥복, 최열

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This paper presents a study on sustainable performance securing-method for domestic fire resistance door and analyzed lawsuits on lack of fire and smoke proof of domestic fire door, which is the most controversial issues through fire-protecting industry since 2010. Lawsuits on lack of fire and smoke proof of domestic fire resistance door that become the most controversial issue through the examination and tests for fire resistance door after install in buildings. Those controversial issues come from various reasons such as whether the original specimen has defective or not, poor construction, deterioration over time, and misuse and poor management. In addition it can be argued that the difference of sample performance test and actually constructed fire doors in securing fire safety for buildings. Systematic changes are required to apply sample test before the first stage of installation, quality control during construction and continuous maintenance manners as the third stage. Another necessary is the sustainable performance criteria of fire doors in Korea should be standardized, and both insulation and condensation for fire resistance performance through research should be developed.


1. 서론
2. 국내 방화문 성능(내화, 차연) 부족 하자소송
2.1 시험체 선정 시 쟁점
2.2 국내 방화문의 성능(내화, 차연) 기준
2.3 성능(내화, 차연) 시험결과에 대한 쟁점
3. 방화문에 대한 국내 연구현황
3.1 방화문 차열 성능
3.2 신개념 대피공간
3.3 방화문 품질관리
3.4 방화문 단열·결로방지·내화성능의 상관관계
4. 방화문의 지속적인 성능확보방안
4.1 설치 전 샘플 테스트
4.2 설치 중 시공 및 품질관리
4.3 설치 후 유지관리
5. 결론


  • 김정민 Kim, Jeong-Min. 경북대학교 건축학부 박사과정
  • 위옥복 Wi, Ok-Bok. 경북대학교 건축학부 박사과정
  • 최열 Choi, Yeol. 경북대학교 건축학부 교수, 공학박사


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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