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큰느타리의 품질 등급, 손질 및 포장 방법에 따른 유통 수명


Effects of quality grade, trimming, and packaging method on shelf life of king oyster mushrooms

최지원, 이지현, 오인호, 임수연, 임지훈, 양해조, 최현진, 신일섭, 홍윤표

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To extend the shelf life of king oyster mushrooms for export, we investigated the impacts of mushroom quality grade, fruiting body trimming, and packaging method (tray container sealed packaging vs string-tied OPP bag packaging). Quality is divided into two grades: 1st grade, which is mushrooms adapted by lowering the cultivation temperature to 9~11oC, and 2nd grade, mushrooms held at 13~15oC prior to harvest. Using selected 1st and 2nd grade mushrooms, 3 treatments were carried out to assess effects of trimming and packaging method. Test groups included 1) trimming plus string-tied OPP bag packaging (Cut & OPP), 2) no trimming plus string-tied OPP bag packaging (Uncut & OPP), and 3) trimming plus tray container sealing packaging (Cut & Tray). Gas composition inside the packaging, changes in quality factors, and sensory evaluation for fresh quality were performed over 42 days of 0oC storage. Overall freshness was best maintained in the following order: Cut & Tray > Cut & OPP > Uncut & OPP for both 1st and 2nd grade mushrooms. The shelf-life of 1st grade mushrooms was about 30 days for Cut & Tray, 28 days for Cut & OPP, and 21 days for Uncut & OPP. The shelf-life of 2nd grade mushrooms was about 22 days for Cut & Tray, 17 ays for Cut & OPP, and 14 days for Uncut & OPP. Factors affecting fresh mushroom quality included browning of cap and stalk, and mushroom decay index. Browning of the lower part of the stalk, with related color change as noted in a* and b* values were the main factors indicating quality deterioration of king oyster mushrooms.


서 론
재료 및 방법
시험 재료
손질, 포장 및 저장
기체조성 및 품질 분석
통계 분석
결과 및 고찰
포장 내부 기체조성 및 이취 발생
부패지수 및 부패율
갈변지수 및 갈변율
pH, 가용성 고형물 함량 변화
고 찰
적 요


  • 최지원 Ji-Weon Choi. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과
  • 이지현 Ji Hyun Lee. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과
  • 오인호 In-Ho Oh. 농업회사법인 머쉬엠(주)
  • 임수연 Sooyeon Lim. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과
  • 임지훈 Ji-Hoon Im. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 버섯과
  • 양해조 Hae Jo Yang. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과
  • 최현진 Hyunjin Choi. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과
  • 신일섭 Il Sheob Shin. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 배연구소
  • 홍윤표 Yoon Pyo Hong. 농촌진흥청 국립원예특작과학원 저장유통과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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