관광일본어 교재에 나타나는 오용에 대하여


About misuse in tourism Japanese textbook

조남성, 舩橋瑞貴

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This study reviewed focusing on the misuse (unnatural expression) that occurs in relation with more than 2 dialogues rather than one dialogue in the tourism Japanese textbook. Even if it is not objective result, the honorific misuse, subordinate postposition ‘ね/よ’ misuse, misuse in creating textbook, ‘のだ’ misuse and conjunction misuse were founded a lot, and they appear frequently in this order. ⒜The misuses in creating the textbook occur due to Beginner teaching items, complete sentence presentation, dialogue in real situations, filler and the interference with Korean, which are problems in creating the beginner tourism Japanese textbook and the matters to be learned. ⒝In the misuse of subordinate postposition ‘ね․よ, ‘ね’ is added or removed, ‘よ’ is all removed. Most removal of ‘よ’ is actually related with the removal of ‘のだ+よ’. The more frequent misuse of ‘よ’ than subordinate postposition ‘ね’ and the relation with the plural factors made it difficult to be used as beginner textbook. ⒞In the misuse of ‘のだ, there doesn’t exist the misuse of replacement and the addition but all of them include the removal, and ‘のだ’ is not used. The expression ‘~たいんですが’ are often used. ⒟In case of honorific misuse, the idiomatic honorific expression is often used showing many case of misuse, most honorifics have the misuse in relation with ‘~てください’ ‘お/ご’. ⒠The misuses of conjunction are often found in ‘ところで, それでは, では’ of topic change. Japanese education in the future will preferentially need various researches on the suggestion method and teaching skill in the beginner text book depending on the difficulty level of ‘ね/ よ’ ‘のだ’ ‘のだ+ね/よ use.


Ⅰ. 들어가는 말
Ⅱ. 선행 연구
Ⅲ. 조사 방법
1. 조사 대상의 교재
2. 조사 대상의 오용
3. 분석 방법
Ⅳ. 조사 결과 및 분석
1. 교재 작성상의 오용
2. 종조사 ‘ねㆍよ’ 오용
3. ‘のだ’ 오용
4. 경어 오용
5. 접속사 오용
Ⅴ. 맺는 말


  • 조남성 Cho, Nam sung. 한밭대학교 일본어과 교수
  • 舩橋瑞貴 Funahashi Mizuki. 群馬大学 国際センター 准教授


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