초량왜관시대 초기 왜관 운영체계 변화와 일본선의 부산포 출입동향에 대한 연구 - 왜관관수일기를 중심으로(1692~1693년) -


A Study of the Change of Oeguan-Management and the Tendency of Busanpo Entrance and Exit of Japanese Ship during the early Choryang Oeguan - focus on the diary of Choryang Oeguan Leader(1692-1693) -


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The aim of this paper is the investigation of the change of Oeguan-Management and the tendency of Busanpo Entrance and Exit of Japanese Ship during the early Choryang Oeguan. The time of the analysis of this paper is from 1692 to 1693 year, the leaders of Choryang Oeguan were Shimao Hachizaemon(嶋雄八左衛門) and Niyi Sukenoshin(仁位助之進). The important change of the 24th Choryang Oeguan leader(Shimao Hachizaemon) Age was the regularization of the Night Watch system, and the typical change of the 25th Choryang Oeguan leader(Niyi Sukenoshin) was the regularization of the Water Patrol. The very important affairs of Choryang Oeguan were the Weather measurement and the Night Watch system, the Water Patrol, the three affairs were recorded every day in the diary of Choryang Oeguan leader from Mid-1692 year. The Japanese ships entered to Busanpo with 59 times in 1692 year, and with 87 times in 1693 year. The average entering of Japanese ships to Busanpo were 5 times(1692 year) and 7times(1693 year) every month on average. By the way, the round trips of Japanese ships from Tshushima to Busan port were increased rapidly in 1693 year because of the sudden death of the 25th Choryang Oeguan Leader(Niyi Sukenoshin, 仁位助之進). Many emergent ships were deployed urgently for dealing with the management of Oeguan affairs after the 25th Choryang Oeguan Leader. The increase of Japanese ships in 1693 year was mostly for delivering the breaking news to Tshushima. The kind of Japanese ship entering from Tshushima to Busanpo were three types such as Yeonreasongsasen(年例送使船) and Goitobune(御糸船) and Bisen(飛船), the most of Japanese ships were formed with Yeonreasongsasen. Yeonreasongsasen were composed with Segeonsen(歲遣船) and Tokusongsasen(特送使船), Butokusongsasen(副特送使船), Eosongsasen (御送使船), Yiteiansen(以酊菴船), Mansongsasen(萬送使船). Many Japanese ship entered to Busanpo, therefore the official men of Dongnaebu and Choryang Oeguan were very busy with handling diplomatic business of ships coming and going to Busanpo.


Ⅰ. 머리말
Ⅱ. 초량왜관 초기 운영체계 변화
1. 초량왜관의 야간순찰
2. 초량왜관의 도오미번
Ⅲ. 일본선의 부산포 출입동향
1. 1692년의 일본선 출입동향
2. 1693년의 일본선 출입동향
Ⅳ. 맺음말


  • 박화진 Park, Hwa jin. 부경대학교 인문사회대학 사학과 교수


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