간찰로 본 圭南 河百源의 仕宦期 양상 -자식에게 보낸 간찰을 중심으로-


Aspect in the Official Life of Gyu-Nam Ha Baek-wonSeen through letters -Focusing on letters sent to his sons-

간찰로 본 규남 하백원의 사환기 양상 -자식에게 보낸 간찰을 중심으로-


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Gyu-Nam Ha Baek-won is a Silhak scholar who has studied Silhak for the rest of his life, emphasizing practicality, based on Neo- Confucian theories. However, after the age of 50, he has a second life due to his public office. This paper was studied using 63 cursive letters that he sent to his three sons from the beginning of his public office and two letters from the Collection of Gyu-Nam's Works from among the many other letters in the collection of the Gyunam Museum. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to understand the life of his official life and to consider how he leads his family as the head of a family. His official life is divided into central and local positions. From 1834, he served as a central government official from Changneung Chambong, Uigeum Budosa, Sunneung Jikjang, and Hyeongjo Jwarang. In 1840, he served as an official in the provinces until Gyeonggi Jeonyeong and Seokseong Hyeon-gam. In 1842, he was exiled to Boryeong, South Chungcheong Province, and released the following year. While away from his family for about 9 years, he conveyed news he had experienced during his official life, such as his safety and situation, the situation at work, and incidents and accidents at the royal court, through letters, which were the only means of communication. In addition, he was involved in many matters such as family problems that occurred while he was absent, the growth of children, and the succession of traditions. From this point of view, he analyzed the letters he sent to his children, studied and explained various aspects of his official life, and studied the aspects of his parents' leadership as the head of a family.


규남 하백원은 성리학적 이론을 학문의 근간으로 확립하고 실리를 강조하여 실학을 연구하며 한 평생을 보냈던 실학자이다. 그런데 50대 이후 관직 생활로 제2의 삶을 살게 된다. 본고는 규남박물관에 소장된 간찰 중에 사환기부터 세 아들에게 보낸 초서 간찰 63통과 『규남문집』에 수록된 간찰 2통을 탐구하여 그의 관직 생활의 삶에 대해 이해하고 한 가정의 가장으로 가족을 이끌어나가는 모습을 고찰하는 데 목적이 있다. 규남의 관직 생활은 중앙 직과 지방 직으로 구분할 수 있는데, 1834년부터 창릉 참봉, 의금부 도사, 순릉 직장, 형조 좌랑까지 중앙에서 관직을 역임했고, 1840년 경기전 령, 석성 현감까지 지방에서 관직 생활을 하다가 1842년에 충남 보령으로 유배되어 이듬해 해배된다. 약 9년 동안 가족들과 떨어져 지내는 동안 유일한 통신 수단이었던 간찰을 통해 안부 및 처지, 근무지의 상황, 조정의 사건사고 등 관직 생활 중 경험하였던 소식을 전달하지만, 자신이 부재중인 상태에서 일어난 집안의 문제, 자식의 성장, 전통의 계승 등 많은 일에 관여를 한다. 이러한 관점에서 규남이 자식에게 보낸 간찰을 분석하여 규남의 관직 생활 중 다양한 양상을 논구하고, 한 집안의 가장으로서 부모의 리더십을 발휘한 점에 살펴보았다.


Ⅰ. 들어가는 말
Ⅱ. 간찰 자료의 형태
Ⅲ. 관직 생활의 양상
Ⅳ. 부모의 리더십
Ⅴ. 나가는 말


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