공사계약서 약정항목별 공사대금 소송확률에 관한 다중 로지스틱 회귀 모형 연구 - 소규모 민간건설공사 중심으로 -


A Study of Multi-Logistic Regression Model on the Probability of Lawsuit for Construction Cost in terms of Contract contents - Base on small private construction projects -

위옥복, 김정민, 최열

피인용수 : 0(자료제공 : 네이버학술정보)



Making a contract of small private construction works is very often disregarded important or subsidiary contract details which strongly recommended in standard contract sheet. To have a well fulfilled contract sheet with detailed agreements are very symbolic to promising their rights and obligations to each other until they meet the final objectives of completion, delivery, and receipt of construction payments. Therefore, a almost perfect contract give us less disputes for payments during construction or after completion of work. In this study, a logistic regression model was used to determine the effect of subcontract items from survey. The results show that contract sheet, design alternation and cancellation of contract are the most important contract conditions, and derived a logistic regression model for reducing a dispute between both personal contract.


1. 서론
1.1 연구배경 및 목적
1.2 연구범위 및 방법
2. 조사 및 분석방법
2.1 공사대금 소송 판결문 자료수집
2.2 분쟁요인 도출 및 분류
3. 영향도 평가 설문조사(1차) & 평가점수 분석
3.1 소분류 A-2 관련 도급계약서 약정항목 선정
4. 도급계약서 약정항목에 대한 사례수집 및작성실태 설문조사 & 기재여부 차이 검정
4.1 「A Group」&「B Group」민간공사 기재여부차이 검정
4.2 「A Group」민간공사 미기재율 검정
4.3 「B Group」민간공사 미기재율 검정
5. 공사대금 소송 확률 다중 로지스틱 회귀모형 도출
5.1 로지스틱 회귀분석 적용
5.2 독립변수인 「약정항목」의 선정
5.3 5개「약정항목」에 대한 가설 설정과 검정
5.4 다중 로지스틱 회귀모형 도출
6. 결론


  • 위옥복 Wi, Ok-Bok. 경북대학교 건설환경에너지공학부 박사과정
  • 김정민 Kim, Jeong-Min. 경북대학교 건설환경에너지공학부 박사과정
  • 최열 Choi, Yeol. 경북대학교 건축학부 교수, 공학박사


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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