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DUR 제도 및 DUR 고도화 시범사업에 대한 인식 탐구 : 포커스 그룹 인터뷰 기법 중심의 질적 연구


Exploring the Perception on Drug Utilization Review System and DUR Modernization Pilot Project : A Qualitative Study Using Focus Group Interviews

배성호, 전하림, 윤동원, 최아형, 이혜성, 신주영

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Objective: To explore the perception of drug utilization review (DUR) system and DUR modernization pilot project among healthcare professionals and patients. Methods: We conducted 8 times of focus group interviews (FGI) between August 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. The healthcare professionals and patients who participated in the DUR modernization pilot project were included in the present study. Based on the type of project participation or medical institution, the participants were divided into the following four groups: group 1, hospital; group 2, clinic; group 3, pharmacy; and group 4, patient. Within each group, interviews were conducted under a pre-defined agenda to identify the implicit perceptions of the participants; the contents of the interviews were, then, categorized. Results: Healthcare professionals established a consensus on the positive aspects of the DUR system and DUR modernization pilot project. However, substantial concerns remain, such as additional workload associated with monitoring adverse events or acquiring consents from patients. Furthermore, a difference of opinion over the DUR convenience system was observed. Among 3 DUR convenience system, the personal medication history review service was highly utilized, but pop-up hold function and communication system was rarely used. Conclusion: We observed that systematic intervention using the DUR system is effective for both healthcare providers and consumers. Adverse events caused by inappropriate drug use can be prevented by continuous patient monitoring. Therefore, the role of DUR system needs to be expanded to establish a safe drug management system.


연구 설계 및 자료원
포커스 그룹 인터뷰 정의 및 수행 방법
연구 결과
DUR 고도화 시범사업 참여 병원급 의료기관 종사자들에대한 포커스 그룹 인터뷰
DUR 고도화 시범사업 참여 의원급 의료기관 종사자들에대한 포커스 그룹 인터뷰
DUR 고도화 시범사업 참여 약국 종사자들에 대한 포커스그룹 인터뷰
DUR 고도화 시범사업 참여 환자에 대한 포커스 그룹 인터뷰
고찰 및 결론
감사의 말씀


  • 배성호 Sungho Bea. 성균관대학교 약학대학
  • 전하림 Ha-Lim Jeon. 성균관대학교 약학대학
  • 윤동원 Dongwon Yoon. 성균관대학교 약학대학
  • 최아형 Ahhyung Choi. 성균관대학교 약학대학
  • 이혜성 Hyesung Lee. 성균관대학교 약학대학
  • 신주영 Ju-Young Shin. 성균관대학교 약학대학, 삼성융합의과학원 임상연구설계평가학과


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