현무암 석분슬러지를 재활용한 마감용 드라이몰탈의 기능성 평가


Functionality Evaluation of Dry-mortar as Finishing Material with Recycled Blast Stone Sludge

최희복, 이동욱, 고동우

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As basalt is used widely in construction area as architectural materials, the amount of basalts sludge is increasing rapidly. Basalt sludge is being treated with an industrial waste, so an economical and environmental problems occurs. The suitable mixture ratio to manufacture the dry mortar which changed the part of the fine aggregate to a basalt sludge in a cement mortar was derived. Physical performance, anion radiometric quantity, far-infrared radiation radiometric quantity and heatconductivity were measured and the performance as the functional finishing material was estimated. Based on the results of previous studies, the mixing ratio of basalt stone powder sludge was further subdivided from 0 to 20%, and the mixing ratio was applied in units of 10% for basalt stone powder sludge replacement rate of 20% or more. The replacement rate of basaltic stone sludge was changed to 0%, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, 15%, 21%, 30%, and 40%, and the changes of far-infrared emission energy, anion emission and thermal conductivity were analyzed. The result is that 1) the far-infrared emissivity of mortar using basalt stone sludge showed 0.933 higher than existing mortar. This result shows far-infrared emissivity better than other functional finishes. 2) The anion radiation did not show a consistent trend according to the replacement rate of basal rock powder, but showed an increase of 5% to 12% compared to general cement mortar. 3) If the basalt stone sludge was replaced by approximately 21%, the physical properties were increased compared with the general cement mortar, and the far-infrared emissivity and anion radiation as functional mortar were improved.


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