The Medical Bed System for Preventing Pressure Ulcer Using the Two-Stage Control



The main cause of ulcer is pressure, which starts to develop when the critical body pressure (32mmHg) is exceeded, and when the critical time elapses, ulcer occurs. In this study, the keyboard mechanism of the medical bed with 4 bar links was adopted, and each key can be controlled vertically. A key has one servo drive and one sensor controller which has several body pressure sensors. The sensor controllers and the servo drives are connected to the main controller by two CAN (Car Are Network) in series, respectively. By reading the maximum body pressure value of each keyboard sensor, and by calculating the error value based on the critical body pressure, the fuzzy controller moves each key so that the total error becomes zero. If the fuzzy controller fails, then it prevents ulcer by lifting and lowering the keys of the bed alternatively within a short time. Thus, the controller operates in two-stage. The validity and effectiveness of the proposed approach have been verified through experiments.


1. Introduction
2. The Developed System
2.1 Mechanical Part
2.2 Controller Part
4. Implementation.
5. Experimental Results
6. Conclusion


  • Jungae Kim Assistant Prof., Dept. of Nursing, Chodang Univ., Korea
  • Youngdae Lee Research Director, Research Center, Ninebel, Korea
  • Minju Seon Research Engineer, Research Center, Ninebel Healthcare, Korea
  • Jae-Young Lim Prof. Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea


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