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The Impact of Social Distance on Mask Wearing Behavior : A Construal Level Perspective


사회적 거리감이 마스크 착용 의도에 미치는 영향 : 해석 수준 이론을 중심으로

Gain Park, Myungok Chris Yim

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Objectives This study investigates the relationship between the perceived social distance, risk perception, and mask-wearing intentions. It further tests the interaction effect between the social distance perception and message intervention framed by two distinctive construal level terms (high-level and low-level) on mask-wearing intentions. Methods The first survey interrogates what delineates the most relevant social distance dimension that presumably feeds judgments about susceptibility to COVIDᐨ19. It is followed by a 2 X 2 factorial survey experiment (between groups) that examined the reciprocal effect of social distance and construal level (CLT) on behavioral intentions to wear a face mask as a COVIDᐨ19 preventive measure. Results Our finding substantiates social distance perception and its influence on the perceived susceptibility to COVIDᐨ19 and how social distance and construal level interact with one another to impact the individuals' willingness to wear a face mask. Conclusions The results suggest how policymakers and health campaign planners apply construal level framing to moderate the effect of social distance perception on preventive health behaviors.


배경 및 목적 본 논문은 사회적 거리감과 위험 인식, 그리고 마스크 착용 의도 간의 관계를 탐색하고 해석 수준 프레이밍 (low vs. high construal)의 조절 효과를 검증했다. 방법 이를 위해 본 연구는 2(low vs. high social distance) × 2(low vs. high construal) 개체 간 실험 설계 를 진행하여 두 변인이 마스크 착용 의도에 미치는 영향을 검증했다. 결과 연구 결과, 사회적 거리감이 COVIDᐨ19에 대한 위험 인식과 마스크 착용 의도에 미치는 부적인 효과를 확 인하였고 해석 수준 프레이밍의 조절 효과를 확인하였다. 논의 및 결론 본 연구는 해석 수준 프레이밍의 조절 효과를 검증함으로써 정책 입안자들과 건강 캠페인 기획자들에 시사점 을 제공한다.


Literature Review
Social Distance & Health Decision
Perceived Susceptibility
The Moderating Role of Construal Level Framing
Methods & Results
Study I
Study II
Limitations & Future Direction


  • Gain Park 박가인. Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Media Studies, New Mexico State University
  • Myungok Chris Yim 임명옥. Assistant Professor, School of Communication, Loyola University Chicago


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